December 01, 2011 Palms Golf Course

     9:00 Tee Time Forecast WIND

36 golfers signed up early to play this day

   ONLY 07 golfers tee'd it up on number 1

   ONLY 06 golfers finished 18
9 AM the temp was hovering around 50 degrees the wind was blowing steady between 15 and 20 MPH with gusts up to 35 MPH. Knowing this may be the last chance to call an opponent with a wind moved ball on the green penalty. Seven of  the finest the MMGA has to offer "Iron Men" if you will, made their way to the first tee. 

Terry Gardner Pat Smitty Jim Guttridge Bill Jones Gary Denhalter Bob Chambers & Dick Swayne

Bill Jones summed it up: "These fearless golfers were driven by their deep competitive nature and a sense of fulfilling their commitment to the MMGA, while avoiding their domestic duties at home. As the day wore on those domestic duties looked better and better."

The bitter bite of the wind stung the 7 as they locked arms in crazed comradery. They played as a unit all laying witness to the shots that would be spoke of later. 

to be continued...... 
MMGA IRON           MEN